The importance of fences cannot be emphasized enough as to how these were used in the ancient times and have remained the same for thousands of years which are still in use today. Our ancestors' application of fences were virtually endless which included everything from keeping valuable livestock in one place to making boundaries. Today, using walls include preventing children from accidentally falling into swimming pools; adding appeal to the property; providing privacy and security and so much more.

Perhaps the primary use, however, is in apparently representing the end of one piece of land and the beginning of another. In other words, fences accurately designate ownership, and as such, the importance of walls can never be underestimated. This is despite the fact that it is probably something that we all take for granted on a daily basis. With ownership of course comes the need to protect that property and all of the contents and personal belongings that are contained within.
Fences are installed around the boundary of your home. It helps you to split your property from other people's property. It is essential to have a boundary near your home so that you do not mistakenly enter someone else's area and vice versa. This is essential as it always reminds you and others about their personal area and reduces the chances of any confusion regarding the area.
The importance of fences to security is a huge factor which made a whole industry of itself, with many manufacturers jostling to win security fencing contracts or periodically coming up with the latest thief-proof construction material that is guaranteed to prevent break-ins. As mentioned earlier, fences also ensure that valuable animals do not escape from an enclosure and potentially jeopardize the livelihood of the owner. Sometimes fences can protect animals from people and on the contrary, protect people from animals such as in zoos or wildlife parks. Lastly, protect people from other people with malicious intent.

The importance of fences to appeal is something that we probably observe everyday too. A house that has a rustic, detailed or elaborate fence is bound to fetch more money if it was ever sold as it adds a certain charm to the property in addition to providing extra security. A house that faces onto a road without a fence is likely to be met with caution by buyers, as it is plainly evident that anyone who wished to break into the residence would not be deterred by any barrier. This further emphasizes the importance of fences to general security in a residential sense.

If you live near a highway or busy main road, then the importance of barriers to privacy will also be something you know a lot about. Ideally, in this situation, it would be beneficial to have a very high fence that would also be soundproof to prevent noise from passing traffic and one that cannot be easy to climb over either. Privacy fences are also ideal for people that have swimming pools or hot tubs in the backyard and wish to enjoy these pleasures without the whole world seeing them do it.

Of course, the importance of fences is that they have so much more uses than could be mentioned here. That is the beauty of a relatively simple but highly effective structure that will never become obsolete.