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How to Choose a Fence for Your Home

Homeowners often find it challenging to choose a fence due to the many different available fence options and many considerations that need to be made before building a fence for their homes. It is recommended to ensure that you pick the fence that meets your home’s needs; you may [...]

The Types of Fences and Where They should be used in Your Home Yard

Putting up a partition around your property line is not only smart, but it is also common practice. By doing so, people have more privacy, and they also provide safety for their children or pets. Having said that, getting to know the types of fences and where they should [...]

Video: Fix a Leaning Fence

Hey everyone! Welcome to Baton Rouge Fencing!  For our first post I wanted to share this helpful video on fixing a leaning fence.  Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more great articles and videos! [...]


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