Fencing your property's perimeter is one of the first jobs to undertake when settling into a new home. Having children and pets only makes it all the more important. But with so many fencing choices available how do you know which suits your needs best? These points will make the decision.

To contain pets and keep small animals out

Security has as much to do with keeping wildlife out as it has to do with keeping intruders away. A chain link fence can solve the problem. It's lightweight, cheap and easy to set up. Since it doesn't have the density or toughness of wood or concrete, it doesn't do much against human intruders or large animals. However, it works great to keep pets in and small wildlife out. If you must have a chain link fence as a security measure, top it with barbed wire so it can't be climbed. It's another cheap way to secure your perimeter.

For security and aesthetics

Where security is concerned, few other options serve their purpose as well as wood fences. You could go with a concrete one but the cost can be very high. Wood is a better choice because it can be built to specification without spending a lot, and it looks great too. Consider shadow board fences and lattice fences. They act as beautiful ornamentation with their simple yet natural design. At the same time, they do a good job of keeping intruders out and make sure children and pets are safely contained inside.

For privacy

Privacy wood fences are the top pick here. Because wood is so workable it can be built into several different designs. The horizontal board fence with its simple yet effective construction is perfect for a ranch style house where near complete privacy is needed. The single board fence laid vertically rather than horizontally, is another. We've already mentioned shadow boards and lattice fences which also work well.

The three fences mentioned here - chain link, wood and ornamental - go a long way in serving to meet fencing needs. They can be customized to design specifications too which makes them all the more attractive. There's a fourth fencing choice which is vinyl, a lightweight material that's reinforced with steel or aluminum. A key advantage is its inability to rust, corrode and rot, drawbacks that other materials ultimately face. It's the cheapest too and customizable as well. You can consult a fencing contractor to get even more options. Local professionals are among the best people to ask because they're familiar with building codes such as setback requirements, height, and placement.

As with aspects of a house such as the foundation and roof, fencing should be given priority because it's the first line of defense against unauthorized entry, by wild animals as well. It also maintains a clear boundary that others can respect. Meanwhile, children and pets are compelled to stay within the boundary for safety. Consult a contractor today that can help you pick the fence you need.There is no prettier fence than the wood fence, and your options vary greatly. But when you take the time to treat the fence, replace the damaged panels and maintain the fence, the original beauty will shine through.